1 of 11 – The EcoSEXual RƎVO˩ution: Women’s Partnerships Across Erotic Distances

–Sensheant Magazine Interviews Lindsay Hagamen and Dr. SerenaGaia about: Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love.   Ecosexuality emerged from the collaboration of two women, Lindsay Hagamen and SerenaGaia, reaching across cultures, regions, ages, and erotic experiences to co-create … Continued

Ecosexual Coming Out Day – May Day as Day of Love and Ecosexual Solidarity

It’s Coming! Ecosexual Coming Out Day is May 1st! Are you dirty and proud!?! Coinciding with Beltane — the Pagan Fertility Festival — and International Worker’s Day, Ecosexual Coming Out Day is a day for Earth Lovers and Lovers of … Continued


SerenaGaia.com SerenaGaia isthe Website and Blog of Ecosexuality Co-Editor SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD Where author and co-editor of Ecosexuality: Notes for an Orgasmic Earth shares her work, projects, and perspectives on Eros, Gaia and the arts of Ecosexual Love. “Make love … Continued

My Lover Earth

My Lover Earth (https://www.facebook.com/MyLoverEarth) The Ecosexuality Website of Lindsay Hagamen Communitarian, farmer, ecologist and co-editor of Ecosexuality: Notes for an Orgasmic Earth, Lindsay Hagamen, shares inspired thoughts on sexuality, ecology, community, spirituality, and more.

Global Permaculture Research Institute

Global Permaculture Research Institute (www.PermacultureNews.org) The Mission of the Permaculture Research Institute is to work with individuals and communities worldwide, to expand the knowledge and practice of integrated, sustainable agriculture and culture using the whole-systems approach of permaculture design.

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